Party 51 Candidat

Stephen Wright


A native of Saint-Émile, he now lives in Quebec. He has worked in several sectors including sales and class 1 transportation, which led him to travel through Canada and the United States. This gave him good knowledge of this domain which he loves and for which he would like to improve the conditions he deems inadequate and difficult.

Recently, he returned to school in the field of computer technology as a Web Integrator, but he soon realized that it is difficult for an older worker to return to work especially in an area of advanced technology that moves so quickly. So, he returned to his first love as a trucker.

Even if it looks as a solitary endeavour, he loves meeting people from the different regions where he travels.

When he saw on his Facebook a post shared about Party 51, he was immediately conquered by the obvious advantages of the proposed option.

While he has no experience at the political level, he considers that this will come with time for his heart lies in transport, education and especially the health system, because he has personally experienced the American health system following an accident that happened on American soil. He is therefore well able to break the myths persisting on this subject.

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