Party 51 Candidat

Liana Minato


Born in 1958, this daughter of Italian immigrants has always been a hard worker. From an early age, she spoke fluently in French, English and Italian. Already, at age 17, she started working to help her family. She held several jobs in various areas, always having at heart the well-being of her family.

However, her life took a tragic turn known by too many women in Quebec and around the world: her spouse and father of two daughters, Francesca and Vanessa, fell into the spiral of excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. He became abusive and drove the couple to bankruptcy. The family ordeal came to an end after a difficult divorce in 2005.[/vc_column_text]

She then had to take over and support the needs of her family on her own, despite the trauma suffered by long years of abuse. After many years of hardship and trying her best makes ends meet, she had once more to declare bankruptcy in 2013.

Yet she rolled up her sleeves, stabilized her situation and is very proud of her now autonomous and successfull two young daughters. She has a stable job and put her life back together. Like many single mothers in Quebec, she did not have it easy, but all her trials made her a stronger person and well-aware of the real difficulties of women victims of abuse, of the problems of drug and substance abuse and their impact on the families of Quebec and the difficulties experienced by single mothers.This makes her a perfect candidate with unparalleled understanding of the needs in regard with youth protection and the hardships of working women and single mothers.

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