Party 51 Candidat

Daniel Croteau


A native of Thetford Mines, he worked for more than 10 years in financial services, as an Administrative Assistant, compliance officer and branch manager in the regions of Quebec, Montreal, and British Colombia (Vancouver). This experience enabled him to perfect his knowledge of issues, situations, challenges, rights, freedoms, defences and remedies available to savers and investors.

Coming from a family of mostly self-made entrepreneurs, he is able to understand and identify as well the challenges and realities of contractors and SMEs.

Although grateful for having had the opportunity to live and work in another province for several years, return to his roots finally won him over: being able to contribute and help the relatives (family) daily, face-to-face contact with Quebec’s unique culture, its beauty and richness in resources, its environment, its quality of life, its values, its history.

Disappointed repeatedly by the failings and existing limitations (and persistence / structural) of the electoral and political process, he put a cross on politics for several years. But somewhere, after two trips to Europe, he still maintained in secret a hope and a belief that a better way / alternative was possible, having seen in action, firmly implanted and integrated in the life of all the days of the citizens other countries.

And, finally, a new alternative presented itself in 2017 with the creation of Party 51. Daniel spent several hours arguing with (and questioning!) the founder of the party, Hans Mercier, before choosing to propose in 2018 this new (and unique) alternative to the people of his region.

Yes, there is an alternative. Yes, it is possible. Nothing can stop a large group of decided people. Vision. Hope. Committed action. Preparing the ground and building responsibly for the next generation, and those that follow. History has showed it repeatedly. And, Yes, it is always possible. Unity is strength.

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