Party 51

Freedom, security, prosperity.

Party 51 Constitution

Chapter 1

Section 1

Is hereby constituted the political party known as Parti 51. The rules therein said Constitution  are the fundamental precepts of the party and supersede any other regulation, policy, directive or other document of the party.

Section 2

The two fundamental objectives of the party are :

  1. Integration of Quebec as a sovereign State member of the Union of the United States of America.
  2. Adoption of Quebec’s Constitution. (Annex A)

Section 3

The fundamental values of the party are liberty and democracy, the primordial sources of prosperity, social evolution, blooming of individuals and progress, both scientific and human.

Section 4

Considering these fundamental values and to favor the realisation of its fundamental objectives, the party wills itself a true coalition party and any question other than the objectives set in section 2 will be voted freely in accordance with each members and/or parlementaries good conscience.

Section 5

Barring an imperious motive that must be reported, the party will act with transparence and all deliberations will be public.

Section 6

Considering the true coalition aspect and the open vote rule, all members can maintain a secondary affiliation to another political party, as long as its principles aren’t incompatible with sections 2 and 3 of the present.

Chapter 2

Section 7

Any person domicilied in Quebec and at least 16 of age that adheres to the objectives and values set out in chapter 1 of the present, can become a member of the party.

Section 8

To ensure a true democracy, no admission fees will be charged to the members.

Section 9

Membership will be renewed yearly, unless contrary notice by the member is given, at a date established in the party’s regulations.

Section 10

Any other membership modalities wil be established, case pending, by the party’s regulations.

Chapter 3

Section 11

The leader runs the party and is an official member of all its instances.

Section 12

The leader is elected by universal suffrage, in accordance with the modalities established by the national executive.

Section 13

The function of leader is vacant if the leader dies, quits or is declared permanently incapable

Section 14

If the function becomes vacant, the national executive appoints an interim leader and begins the election process according to the modalities it establishes.

Chapter 4

Section 15

The national executive is constituted of the leader or the person he appoints to represent him and of the national administrative board.

Section 16

The national administrative board is elected in general assembly during the party’s Congress and is composed of the following functions :

  1. Executive president
  2. Executive vice-president
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer (official representative)
  5. Communications director
  6. Membership, volunteers and human resources director

With the exception of the president and vice-president functions, one person may temporarily occupy more than one function, situtation which should be remedied at the first opportunity.

Section 17

The leader holds a veto right when he sits on the national executive. However, he must motivate its use and do it only in grave cicumstances tied to the fundamental objectives or fundamental values of the party.

Section 18

The responsibilities of the national executive are :

  1. Management and supervision of party affairs;
  2. Budget adoption and finances management;
  3. Applying and enforcing present Constitution;
  4. Adoption of party regulations;
  5. Evaluating the necessity or opportunity of creating commissions, local associations or other subordinate instances and, case pending, see to their set up and supervision;
  6. Appointing the auditor;
  7. Submission of any report required by an applicable law or regulation;
  8. Setting of time and date of general assembly (Congress)
  9. Conclusion of contracts and/or loans under the party’s name;
  10. Surveillance, investigations, verification of priors and good reputation and imposition of sanctions against a member
  11. Emission of operations reports to the leader in a diligent and regular fashion and at the general assembly during Congress;

Section 19

The national administrative council may appoint a general director to oversse the party’s permanency, case pending.

Section 20

Considering the true coalition aspect and the open vote policy, the party has no provincial policy commissions or provincial program. The policy commissions will concern, case pending, the modalities of withdrawal for the canadian federation and inegration to the United States of America.

A vote for the coalition is a vote for the constitutionnal option.

Should the party be put in power without a sufficient majority to justify immediate adoption of the constitutionnal option, it will act as a coalition government with as only undertaking managing as a good father, in the interest of all citizens, without favoritism or bias to a cause or particular special interest groups.

Local representatives will be allowed to manage local issues at their convinience, without interference from the party.

Chapter 5

Section 21

Considering the fundamental values of the party, every candidate will be appointed by candidate election unless a single candidate is elected by acclamation.

However, any person willing to submit a candidacy must be investigated regarding priors, good manners and reputation to be eligible.

If the investigation reveals a problem, the candidate will be informed and may retire his candidacy. If the candidate wishes to maintain his candidacy, he must accept disclosure of the investigation result during candidate election.

Nonwithstanding the above, the leader may refuse a candidate, even elected by acclamation, if he deems the problem sufficiently grave.

Section 22

It is permissible for the leader to openly support a candidacy during candidate election. It is also possible for the leader to present a candidacy, as long as the investigation process of section 21 is respected.

Section 23

The official candidate is recognized by the sending of a notice from the party leader.

Chapter 6

Section 24

Section 1 to 6 of the present are irrevocable and cannot be modified unless they become without object.

Section 25

Sections 7 and following can be modified by a vote of at least half the members with a three quarters majority.

Chapter 7

Section 26

The financial year is the calendar year.

Section 27

The party will favor use of technoligical means in its communications, its assemblies and even, if possible and safe, during votes.

Section 28

The party, in conformity with its fundamental values, will not tolerate any discrimination, whether positive or negative and will not tolerate any obstacle to freedom of speech in a civil, passionate and respectful debate.

Respect of this right of speech does not imply in any way an endorsement by the party of the discourse held by a member or guest.

Furhtermore, a healthy democracy and freedom of speech shall not tolerate heinous discourse inciting to crime or violence and it is the same for the party.

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