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Liberty, security, prosperity.

Our vision

Union with the United States is « the manifest destiny » of Canada.

— Goldwin Smith, historian and journalist, 1823-1910

We are living in the age of globalization. The environment is a global issue, just as health, economy, organized crime and terrorism. Corporations are now giants that exceeds frontiers, just as crime syndicate and terrorists.

The threats to free and democrtatic societies have never been greater. The Quebec nation is proud and holds both a fascinating history and rich culture. How can we face the challenges of this globalization while preserving the flame of our great nation?

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« …if Canada was to give itself to the American confederation, its example would lead neighboring continental colonies to follow, and the addition of so much resources would make the United States formidable to England. The institutions of Canada are defective, but those of our Amercican neighbors(U.S.A.) are perfect.  »

— Louis Joseph Papineau, one of the leaders of the 1836-37 rebellion (rough translation)

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« The american Constitution is not more threatening for the autonomy of french Canada than this projected federation;  »

— François Edmé Rameau de Saint-Père, statistician and French historian during his travel to Canada in 1860